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Debris Collection Service in Slidell, LA


Junk removal Slidell is a locally owned and operated removal company. Mainly operating on the North shore of New Orleans,LA and the Slidell, LA area. We care about our customers and know what it is like to have the problem of getting rid of unwanted junk and clutter.

Our company offers competitive prices and convenient scheduling. We are the number one choice for junk removal in Slidell, LA. Our process is simple and we make your burden light. All it takes is one call and one of our trained professionals will gather information and give you a price quickly right over the phone. Once an agreement has been made we will schedule a convenient arrival time. Payment can either be check, cash, credit, or Venmo. We look forward to being able to serve the Slidell area for years to come and look forward to helping you with all your junk removal needs.

Junk Removal Slidell does not only service Slidell but also neighboring cities as well. Including Chalmette, LA, New Orleans, La, and Metairie, LA. Along with other cities on the North shore such as Covington, and Mandeville. We do our best to meet every need and challenge.  Our team not only offers the best removal junk removal services, we also care about our environment. You can trust that all federal and CDC guidelines are followed when disposing of your material. We try our best to reuse and recycle and repurpose.

When you choose to do business with our team you can trust that not only you are choosing the most affordable junk removal company in the area but that your debris and junk will be properly disposed of.

Residential Junk collection in Slidell, LA

Our junk company provides essential services to homeowners and renters around the city so whether you are just doing a garage cleanout, some spring cleaning, or starting a new remodel, make sure that you have Slidell Junk Removal’s phone number programmed in your phone.





Commercial Junk Removal in Slidell, LA

We love our residential customers but we know that commercial businesses accumulate trash, junk and debris waste too. Whether you work in an office or in a warehouse we know that trash and debris can pile up relatively quickly. We know what it’s like to run a business and how quickly your schedule can fill up. That is why we are proud to offer convenient appointment times either before opening hours or even after closing. We will work closely with staff and supervisors to make sure that your haul away goes off without any problems. To get a free junk removal commercial quote call today. We remove commercial furniture, commercial equipment, and old electronics. If it can be moved we can remove it.


Commercial Junk Removal


Junk Removal Slidell offers the best rates in town. We do our best to keep our price low so we can provide you with the cheapest and best hauling service around.

Convenient scheduling

We do our best to provide the most convenient collection times. If you give us a call we’ll try to make an arrangement that meets your schedule. If you need before hours or after hours that can be arranged.

Open Weekends

That’s right we show up on the weekends. You can schedule junk hauling on weekends. If you need a weekend junk removal scheduled make sure to call the pros.

Serving multiple LA Cities

From Mandeville, LA to Chalmette, LA we have you covered just give us a call to get your free estimate today. If you happen to be out of our service area give our crew a call and we will do our best to help you.

Slidell, LA Hauling

Our company provides our local community with a great number of services from hauling to construction demolitions we have you covered. We understand that sometimes life gets busy. Usually that means things go without getting done. So if things are starting to pile up around your home, that need to be removed you can trust that our company can do the job for you. It’s Ok. Sometimes everyone needs a little help.

When you call Slidell junk removal you will talk to one of our specialists. While on the phone we will collect important information about your job. We will need your name, phone, email, and location in order to book your job. Plus we may ask you to send a pictures of your junk. This ensures that we can give you the best possible price. Going to jobs unseen can lead to unforeseen labor and expense. So it is best for both parties to know exactly what is going to be picked up. Once all the details are figured out our highly skilled team will come to you. Below you will find a list of items that we collect.

Junk Removal Slidell, LA 

Mattress removal in Slidell

Mattress and Boxspring Disposal Services

Getting a new mattress is not only exciting but comfortable. But the main problem with getting a new mattress is getting rid of the old one. So if you need help with your mattress removal make sure to call the pros.

Box springs and mattresses are heavy and bulky. Most local trash companies will not collect a mattress from your curb. This leaves you with the daunting task of trying to figure out how to get rid of it yourself. While a small truck will do the job, mattresses are difficult to get loaded and strapped down. Then you have to drive to the proper place for dumping which could be a long-distance away. We make that job easy. All it takes is one call to our team of haulers and we will make that mattress disappear.



hot tube removal in Slidell

Hot Tub Disposal Services

Everyone loves a good soak. But let’s face it, hot tubs become old and they break. Over the years they are used less and less and then sooner or later just become a big ornamental piece in your yard or patio.

When you need a hot tub removal done it is recommended that you hire skilled professionals. Our team can come in and move the hot tub in one piece or if needed cut it up into smaller pieces to remove it out of a room. Just contact today for your free hot tub removal estimate.

junk removal in Slidell

Garbage Collection Service in Slidell, LA

Residential junk and debris can pile up over time. Whether it is in your yard or garage or just a loaded-down closet if it needs to be cleared out, call the pros today. Our professional junk removal company makes it a breeze to haul away that stuff. We will come into your home, remove all waste and any unwanted items, and load it onto our truck or trailer and haul it off so you never have to look at it again. Whether it is old toys, exercise machines, broken appliances or old furniture you can trust that when we grab a hold of it it’ll be hauled away and out of your hair. Check out our partners Metairie Junk Removal on the south-shore, LA on New Orleans, LA.

yard waste removal in Slidell

Yard Waste

It is tough to keep the exterior of a home beautiful. One of the things that people do to their homes is planted beautiful and ornate gardens. But these gardens take up time and effort. When working in your garden old plants and shrubs are usually pulled up and tossed to the side. While oftentimes you can put these out for local pickup. If the amount is too large or bags are too heavy they may be sitting there for an extended amount of time waiting to be collected. Just call and we’ll come to take away your unwanted yard waste. Make sure to contact us today for all your waste removal needs. If you need a local tree service in Slidell make sure to check out for all your needs.


Dumpster Rental in Slidell

Dumpster Rental 


Sometimes you just need a dumpster to remove your junk. We have partnered up with dumpster providers around the City to offer up the best and most competitive prices for roll-off containers. If you have a large job that will require a dumpster or multiple trips it may be cheaper to rent a large roll-off dumpster. These dumpsters can be dropped off near your project and then collected at your convenience. Dumpsters are a great way to take your time cleaning up the junk and trash. 


furniture removal in slidell


It can be very exciting to buy new furniture but just like the mattress that old furniture has to go. We suggest trying to repurpose it to friends or family. But if you need someone to move it for you whether it be to repurpose it, give it away or just haul it off to the yard we are your furniture removal experts. We also offer convenient pickup times so that we can schedule a removal the same day that your new furniture is being delivered.


residential junk removal in Slidell

House and Apartment Cleanouts

Whether it’s a foreclosed home or a rental property sometimes people leave rubbish and junk behind. This can be overwhelming to owners. If you have had a tenant or a home that needs to be cleaned out just give Slidell junk removal a call today. If you are in need of an estate clean out or house clean-up we will be glad to come in and view the job and give you a free online estimate.

appliance removal in Slidell


If you’re in the middle of a kitchen remodel oftentimes this means new appliances. Those old appliances while still may be usable may be difficult to dispose. Slidell junk removal takes usable appliances and makes sure they arrive to the correct place. Sometimes they are donated or passed off onto people who fix them to sell them. If they are unusable or very old they will be brought to the proper disposal facility. You can trust our team of professionals will adequately and ethically dispose of your appliances properly.

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Getting it Done for You

Sometimes it’s easier to call. Junk removal can be not only difficult but also dangerous. Our team of professionals has the right tools to do the job quickly and correctly. Make sure to check out some of our reviews on our Google listing and our website. All it takes is one time using our service and you will see why we are the number one company in your area.

Stop what you’re doing. And let our team do the heavy lifting. Call today for a free estimate on all your junk removal needs. It’s always better to watch someone else do the hard work. Why wait for a second longer to remove that trash, call now.

How much is junk Removal?

Our minimum cost for a one trip pick up is $80. while sometimes we offer discounted rates when we are in the area and can load multiple jobs on one trip. Give us a call today and we’ll let you know what your best price is.

Do you tip Junk Removers?

The short answer is yes. Everyone loves to know that their work is appreciated. And a few extra bucks to our drivers and haulers hands is much appreciated but not expected. We do our best to take care of all our clients regardless of whether we expect a tip or not.

Do Junk Removers take paint?

Paint is a difficult thing to dispose of. It must be properly disposed of. While we do take paint there is an extra charge and not all paint may be taken. We can only take sealed latex and enamel paint.

Who is the cheapest junk removal near me?

Although we do not know our competition’s prices, we know that we offer competitive prices and estimates. We are confident that if you do shop around you will always come back to the best.

Do you recycle?

If it can be recycled we recycle it. All metal will go to a scrap yard or into a metal bin at the dump. Appliances will be reused along with furniture that still has life.

Do you have insurance?

Yes all our drivers vehicles and workers are insured to protect themselves and your property.

How quickly can you do the job?

That answer usually depends on how big the job is. Most of our services can be done the same or next day. Although if it is a structure demolition it may need to be scheduled over a span of of a few days. Receive a free LA junk removal today.


I had a bunch of trash leftover after I remodeled my bathroom. Slidell Junk Removal was the most friendly service provider I have ever used! They got rid of all the old tiles and toilet parts right away without any problems.


Josh Mattingly


!They took away a car left in the backyard of one of my rental properties. I had to pay for it, but since they did such a good job, you’ve earned your 5 stars.

Joseph Dawdson


They pulled out my stove and fridge. I was very thankful for Slidell Junk Removal. It is hard for me to lift heavy things, but they didn’t have any problems with it. They are an awesome debris removal comopany.

Mary Poche


Structure Demo

Slidell Junk Removal does light demolition and structure removal services. If you have an old swing set or shed that needs to be removed, call today to disassemble it, knock it down and haul it away.

Concrete Demo and Removal

Slidell Junk Removal has a set of crew members that specialize in cutting and demolishing concrete slabs and patios. If you’re just trying to remove a concrete section request a call today and we will give you a an estimate on cutting it up and removing the concrete.

Make sure you check out our partners across the country. Bend Junk Removal and Junk Removal in Norman, OK



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