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Slidell Furniture Removal

Removing large pieces of furniture is a pain, especially when you are trying to move or redecorate, and you just want those items out of your way.  Slidell Junk Removal has the perfect solution for you.  Contact us today, and we will come out to remove items like tables and chairs, bedroom sets, or sofas with ease so that you do not have to waste your time and energy trying to do this yourself.  We are a licensed and insured junk removal service that serves all of the New Orleans metro area. 

 Not only are do we serve residential clients, but we also have extensive services for commercial clients including large item removal.  So, whether you are getting rid of desks and chairs, sofas, partitions, or even computer equipment and heavy machinery, our junk haulers will make sure to make the job easy for you by coming out quickly to remove what you do not want. We are the junk removal company that you want on the job.



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How Do i get rid of old furniture and appliances?


How much is it to remove furniture from my home?

The cost of furniture removal depends on what needs to be removed.  Large pieces of furniture like wooden furniture, tables, or sofas will cost less than $100.  If you are looking to get rid of rooms of furniture or even a whole household of furniture, the cost will go up.  The cost may also increase if our trash haulers have to use specialized equipment to get your items out of your home.  Getting a quote is very easy, though.  Just send us some pictures of what you want hauled away.  We will ask you some questions about your timeline and living quarters, and many times, we are able to give you an estimate over the phone.  Trust Slidell Junk Removal for the very best in cheap junk removal.


Our team cares about not only the inside of your property but also about the outside as well which is why we offer junk removal for your yard.  Perhaps you are a property owner who has gone through a natural disaster like a hurricane or tropical storm.  We can pick up any yard debris that you have including large fallen tree limbs.  Maybe you need a fence or a deck ripped up and taken away.  We can do that as well.  Perhaps you need hot tub removal or junk car removal.  We’ve got you covered. Our expert team can even haul away an old air conditioning unit.  

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Structure Removal

 Shed removal or garage teardown is no big deal for the team of experts at Slidell Junk Removal.  If you have a structure on your property that is no longer useful to you. Contact us right away to schedule a teardown.  Our experts have the manpower and the equipment to handle these types of large jobs, and we will work quickly to make sure that you are able to see progress right away.  Many small structures can be torn down and the pieces hauled off in a single day.  What are you waiting for?  Contact us today.

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Dumpster Rental 

Temporary dumpsters are the perfect solution for those clients who are working on a project over time or who are encountering debris on a daily basis during a renovation or addition.  Slidell Junk Removal also provides cheap dumpster rentals for our clients.  Contact us for more information.

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Slidell Junk Removal Pros

It’s hard to get rid of all your junk. You don’t want to throw it away, but you also don’t have the time or energy to deal with cleaning out a garage, basement or shed.

If this sounds like you – we can help! We’ll come and take care of all your unwanted items so that you can free up space in your home for more important things (like binge-watching Netflix).

Our team is ready to remove anything from furniture removal, yard waste removal, construction debris removal, and much more. Call us today at 985-259-9334 for fast service in Slidell LA.

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